Annual Maintenance

Minor repairs can be undertaken throughout the year to keep your boat in shape. Maintenance can clearly save expense in the long run as it may be possible to repair rather than replace.
All boats should be waxed and polished, antifouled, anode’s changed etc. at least once a year to maintain gelcoat strength integrity, as well as visual effect.
Applying a coat or two of Antifoul and anode replacements are a necessity every (...)


Antifoul is also a must once a year and we regularly apply two coats of fresh antifoul in International, Seajet and other types of antifoul

Boat Repair

We are approved boat repairers for many leading marine insurance companies on the basis of the quality of repair work we undertake. As with all works you should reasonably expect repairs to your yacht to be invisible. The secret is understanding how colour works in gel coat. Different depths show different colours. New gel coat must be color matched at all levels to provide that seamless finish. Joinery especially when fire damaged, can provide an exciting (...)

Bow Thruster or Stern Thruster

Today space in Marinas can be very tight. The addition of a bow thruster and / or stern thruster has now an important add-on to both motor and sail boats to assist you in maneuverability. They are also essential to single handed sailors and just make life easier. We fit both bow and stern thrusters.

Fiberglass Mould making

Small or big pieces, our team of modelers are capable of making and delivering female moulds

Fibreglass / Glassfibre Yacht Repair

We specialise in all types of fibre glass repairs, renovating old worn out fibre glass and modifying existing or dealing with more severe accident damage.
An important part of repairs is the ability to match colour. As with all work you should reasonably expect repairs not to be visible. New gel coat must be colour matched at all levels to provide a near perfect match.
Whatever the scale of repair we can provide you with a detailed (...)

Insurance work

We are approved repairers for many leading marine insurance companies on the basis of the quality of repair work we undertake.


We are specialists in the preventative treatment of osmose on new boats and curing treatment of boats which already have osmose.

Other services

Le Chantier Nautique du Vieux Port à La Rochelle vous accompagne dans votre projet de la fabrication, à l’entretien et à la réparation de votre bateau sur La Rochelle

Polishing & Waxing

Polishing & Waxing la Rochelle en Charente maritime.

Refits & refurbishing

Interior refits can be from just from just fitting a shelf or two to new cupboard doors or a kitchen / Shower room makeover to a complete refit

Repair, maintenance and servicing

We are a family run business in existence for more than 20 years. We have repaired and maintained a great number of boats over these years in all sizes and shapes, from small dinghies to large sailing yachts.

Stainless Steel

We are capable of providing all stainless work, including repairs to complete fabrication of one off custom to standard reproduction

Structural Deck & Hull Repair

We all try to pay attention to safety good seamanship, however accidents do happen. We are there to get you back on the sea as soon as possible, get the boat back to the yard (be it our yard or elsewhere) and make repairs. As with all repair work you can expect the repair to be so effective that the boat will be as strong as before and the mend almost or totally invisible.

Yacht spray painting

Réparation entretien peinture de votre bateau sur La Rochelle et son agglomération